Jep Extensions


Singular Systems


Jep is a small fast mathematical expression parser and evaluator library for use in Java programs. Feature include:

Jep is available from Singular Systems where you can see the full documentation and ask question on the mailing list.

Console applet

This applet allow an interactive session

Java must be enabled for this demo to run.

Example equations:

Other examples

Some more advance plotting examples made using Jep:

Jep extensions

Jep extensions add symbolic facilities, structural programming, fast evaluation and matrix calculations to Jep. The Implicit plotter applet uses the fast evaluation to quickly calculate every point in domain. The SingSurf applet uses symbolic facilities to find derivatives of functions and convert the expression to a polynomial representation required for the algorithm.


GWT Jep is a javascript version of the core Jep library using the Google Web Toolkit.

Jep 2.4

Jep 2.4 is an older version of Jep released under an open-source licence. It is available from sourceforge.