DJep symbolic differentation and matricies for the Java Equation Parse (JEP)

The Java Equation Parser can parse and evaluate mathematical equations. The DJep package adds facilities for
  • Differentation
  • Vectors and matricies
  • Simplification, printing and several other useful extensions.
  • Exact calculation over integers, rationals and other abstract groups.
  • Fast evaluation




These files are the latest experimental release, for stable releases please see the SourceForge project page.

Size Combined Size
Source code and documentation 2.1MB
Full class library (all componants) 590KB

The following packages contain smaller class libraries with only selected componants, useful if size is at a premium.
Core JEP classes 132KB
XJep classes allows printing, simplification and tree manipulation (requires JEP classes) 56KB 188KB
DJep classes - differentation (requires JEP and XJep classes) 32KB 220KB
VectorJep classes - basic vector and matrix support (requires JEP classes) 50KB 192KB
MatrixJep classes - advanced vector and matrix support (requires JEP, XJep and DJep) 32KB 312KB
GroupJep classes - Rationals, Integers and other abstract groups (requires  JEP) 48KB 180KB
SJep classes - Simplification, expansion and conversion to polynomials (requires  XJep, JEP) 28KB 160KB
Rpe classes - Fast reverse polish calculator (requires  JEP) 16KB 148KB
MRpe classes - Fast reverse polish calculator for vectors and matrices (requires  MatrixJep, VectorJep, DJep, XJep, JEP) 80KB 392KB

Order and Copyright

JEP and DJep are dual-licensed, allowing you to choose between the GNU General Public License (GPL) and the JEP Commercial License. Since the GPL may be too restrictive for use in a proprietary application a commercial license is also provided.

The DJep (org.lsmp.djep.*) portions of the package is copyright Richard Morris (c) 2005.
The org.nfunk.jep parts are by Nathan Funk (c) 2005.

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